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1 a fortified military post where troops are stationed [syn: fort]
2 United States abolitionist who published an anti-slavery journal (1805-1879) [syn: William Lloyd Garrison]
3 the troops who maintain and guard a fortified place v : station (troops) in a fort or garrison

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garnisoun, garnison garrison, in & also, provision, munitions, from garnir to garnish. See Garnish.


  1. A permanent military post
  2. The troops stationed at such a post



  1. To assign troops to a military post
  2. To convert into a military fort


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For other uses of Garrison, see Garrison (disambiguation).
Garrison (various spellings) (from the French garnison, itself from the verb garnir, "to equip") is the collective term for a body of troops stationed in a particular location, originally to guard it, of more than 50 men, but now often simply using it as a home base. The station is usually a city, town, fort, castle or similar. For example, the 1st Battalion, 1st Infantry (U.S.) is garrisoned at West Point. Garrison town is a common expression for any town that has a military barracks.
In the modern British Army, garrison also specifically refers to any of the major military stations such as Aldershot, Catterick, Colchester, Tidworth, Warminster and London, which have more than one barracks or camp and their own military headquarters, usually commanded by a Colonel, Brigadier or Major-General, assisted by a Garrison Sergeant Major. In Ireland soccer has historically been termed the "garrison game" due to its connections with British military serving in Ireland.
In Israel, a garrison unit (Hebrew: חיל מצב; cheil matzav) is a regular unit defending a specified zone such as a city, a province, a castle or fortress, or even a single building.
In Jamaica garrisons are known as slum areas that are controlled by a don and his gang for political reasons or for drug control. Many slum areas in Kingston, Spanish Town, and Montego Bay have garrisons.

Garrison, NY

There is also a small town across from West Point called Garrison. It is located in the Putnam County. The latitude of Garrison is 41.383N, and the longitude is -73.946W.


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KP, acropolis, advance guard, arm, armed guard, armor, armor-plate, army, army group, bank, bank guard, barricade, bastion, battalion, battery, battle, battle group, beachhead, blockade, blockhouse, bridgehead, brigade, bulwark, bunker, cadre, castellate, castle, citadel, coast guard, cohort, column, combat command, combat team, company, cordon, cordon sanitaire, corps, crenellate, detachment, detail, dig in, division, donjon, embattle, entrench, fasthold, fastness, fence, field army, field train, file, flying column, fort, fortify, fortress, garrison house, goalie, goalkeeper, goaltender, guard, guarder, guardsman, hold, inlying picket, jailer, keep, kitchen police, legion, man, man the garrison, maniple, martello, martello tower, mine, mote, motte, organization, outfit, outguard, outpost, palisade, peel, peel tower, phalanx, picket, pillbox, platoon, posse, post, rank, rath, rear guard, regiment, safehold, section, security guard, squad, squadron, strong point, stronghold, tactical unit, task force, tower, tower of strength, train, train guard, troop, unit, van, vanguard, wall, ward, warder, wing
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